In Zi Ran Men Qi Gong, movement and activity is associated with tranquility. It is a very simple yet very profound method. Everyone who genuinely desires to learn it can practise with success, regardless of his age or physical condition.

If practised regularly, Zi Ran Men Qi Gong can

  • strengthen our health and immune system
  • prevent diseases
  • promote healing processes in ourselves and others
  • help to reduce side effects of other medical treatment or ease the progress of a disease
  • develop the ability of self protection and self-defense
  • deepen insight and wisdom
  • harmonize body and mind

Zi Ran Men Qi Gong is not allied to any particular group or religious community. Someone who already practises a different Qi Gong method or belongs to a religious community can also start with Zi Ran Men Qi Gong. Likewise a Zi Ran Men Qi Gong practicioneer can begin to learn different Qi Gong methods or turn to a religion.

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