Dr. phil. Nora KoubekHeilpraktikerin

Zi Ran Meng Qi Gong
Lineage holder in the 7th generation

Since 1994, Nora KOUBEK has been practising Qi Gong in Germany, France and China. She studied Zi Ran Men Qi Gong and traditional Chinese medicine whith Master ZHANG and at the University for TCM, both in Chengdu/China. In her practice she mainly works with acupuncture, Tuina massage therapy and Qi Gong.


Since 1994

Intensive practice of various Qi Gong methods, especially Zi Ran Men Qi Gong with the doctor and Qi Gong master ZHANG Zheng Bin 张正斌


Start of training in Traditional Chinese Medicine in Chengdu, at the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and in Master Zhang's practice. There, in the form of traditional teacher-student instruction, the theory and its concrete application is taught over years in everyday practice in facing real patients with explanations and exercises given by the teacher.


Examination to become a Heilpraktikerin in Munich.


Opening of the Qi Gong practice in Bonn in the presence of my teacher.

Leader of Zi Ran Men Qi Gong seminars in Germany, France and Switzerland together with Master Zhang as well as alone in Bonn.

Regular further training in Chengdu in the practice of Master Zhang and during his annual stays of several months in Bonn. In-depth study of online lectures of Chinese TCM universities.