Zi Ran Men Qi GongCourses

In the seminar we learn basic exercises of the "School of Natural, Spontaneous Qigong" = Zi Ran Men Qigong. The main characteristic is that movement, feelings and breathing regulate themselves spontaneously and naturally. There are no fixed, predefined movement sequences or positions, rather the body itself finds the expression or movement that is good for it. Afterwards, you can use the exercises directly to relieve pain, stress or tension and to find peace and new strength. The exercises are adapted to your personal needs and requirements. They can be practised standing, sitting or lying down at any time of the day. Just a few minutes of serious practice every day will strengthen your health and zest for life.

The exercises are taught in the form of direct transmission. This helps to dissolve blockages more quickly and deepens the experience of practising. The seminar is suitable for beginners as well as for practitioners of other methods.


Open Qi Gong classes in Bonn

Course fee
The first three times € 15 each, then € 10 each.

The course fee is due before the start of the class. A refund or reduction is not possible after that.

Due to the corona virus, Qi Gong classes are paused.


For the exercises no previous knowledge ist required. You can participate no matter what age or physical condition.
If you are seriously ill, please contact me before.

Please wear skid-proof socks or indoor sneakers and comfortable clothes.


Unfortunately, due to the Corona pandemic, seminars lasting several days cannot take place.