Traditional ChineseHealing Methods

Ancient Chinese doctors discovered that health is a dynamic process, dependened on the unobstructed and harmonious flow of energy called Qi and of blood in innumerable vessels. Blockades in this system can cause pain and lead to various diseases.

With methods like acupuncture, Tuina massage therapy, Qi Gong or preparations of chinese herbs I will help you recover health and well-being.



Fields of application

Headaches, back pain, frozen shoulder, neck pain, tennis elbow, various forms of tendinitis, sciatica, various pains related to tensions and stress and emotional conditions can be cured effectively with a treatment combining acupuncture and Tuina massage therapy. If you are interested, you can also learn Qi Gong exercises which will help you activate the healing process at home or at work. Moreover they help you to prevent new problems. Some diseases require chinese herbal preparations. The prescription follows an individual tongue and pulse diagnosis.

Qi Gong therapy

During acupuncture or Tuina massage, the Qi actively acts through the practitioner on the patient's blockages or weaknesses, accelerating the healing process. Using Qi Gong during therapy can cure lots of diseases – but there is also a lot it cannot cure.
An important condition for Qi Gong therapy is confidence into the method and active cooperation from the patient.

Qi Gong therapy follows two main principles::

  • First disperse discordant Qi, than strengthen healthy energy.
  • First strengthen the healthy energy, than remove discordant energy.

Moreover, Qi Gong therapy strengthens the immune system and promotes health and well-being with a threefold effect:

  • prevention of illness: diseases won’t break out.
  • treatment of various medical conditions: the duration of an existing disease can be shortened or influenced positively.
  • existing diseases can be cured completely.


In the special approach to acupuncture developed in Zi Ran Men Qi Gong some hundred years ago, the therapist transmits energy directly through the needles to strengthen the patient´s health. On the other hand the therapist uses the needles to liberate the patient of discordant, obstructing energy.

Tuina Massage

The massage therapy includes various techniques like Qi Gong (practiced by the therapist), acupressure, and Tuina massage. For the massage we use alcohol and oil in which chinese herbs has been infused. Together with the massage, the tincture rubbed into the skin has a pain-relieving effect and helps to accelerate the healing process.